Working with Xamarin on your Mac AND in your Parallels desktop VM

In this post, I want to show you, how you can improve your development with Xamarin and Parallels Desktop virtualization.

When you are a Xamarin developer, you normally try to develop for multiple platforms.

But the issue is, you cannot develop all in one environment.

For Example, you can develop for iOS and Android on MacOS, but you cannot (at least not directly) develop for Windows Phone.

On the other hand, you cannot develop for iOS with Xamarin, if you don't have a Mac Build Host.

You one popular solution is to have a mac and yous virtualization to run a Windows System.

Unfortunately there are some issues, if you just share a drive (e.g. network) and want to directly developt with Visual Studio there.

Here is a fast and easy way, how you can have the code on the mac and use it in the virtual Windows.

1. Share the folder with your projects in Parallels Desktop  (Configuration -> Options -> Share)

2. When you boot your virtual Windows, you can reach that share unter \\psf\Projects    (for example)

3. Create a path on your virtual Windows, where you want your code to be mapped - e.g. c:\dev

4. Create a link in the file system. Open the command promt (cmd) with administrative privileges and run the following command:

mklink /d "c:\dev" \\psf\Projects

That's it! Now you can work with Visual Studio using the project inside c:\dev